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To Text or Not to Text…

Based on the way I see iPhones and Androids being pulled out of side pockets just 30 seconds into class, and being placed in the middle of dining hall tables like centerpieces, I can assume that most of the SU student body is just like me and would stop to check a text message almost anytime, anywhere.

But when the person you want to text you is not the person whose name just lit up your screen, how can you go about texting them first?

While no two guys and no two situations are exactly alike, there are some basic guidelines you should follow when it comes to texting him first.

You should definitely text him first if…

1.     You two have been on multiple dates. If you’re past the first date, it’s fine to text him afterward to thank him for the good time. It shows that you’re polite and gives him the go-ahead to keep up the good work.

2.     You guys are in an actual relationship. If you’re in a committed relationship, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t text him first every once and a while. Make sure to keep your texting conversations to a minimum, though, and always share big news face-to-face.

3.     You hooked up last night. If you’re positive your beer goggles weren’t on (maybe you even have a photo to prove it) and you feel like texting the guy you met along frat row last night, do it! Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen?

You should definitely not text him first if…

 1.     You already texted him that day. Even if you’re in a committed relationship, don’t give him the play-by-play of your life. If you’ve already had a conversation that ended naturally, wait to talk to him at dinner, on the phone, or the next day.

2.     You’re drunk. Anything you feel you really need to say at 2am on a Thursday, you probably shouldn’t…But you probably will anyway. Oops.

3.     You’re angry.  No matter what you’re angry about, save it for when you see him in person. Things get lost in translation in text messages and you don’t want a little argument turning into a huge blow-out.

4.     You’re finished. Breaking up through text is never an option!

By Juliana LaBianca

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