Spice Up Your Run!

Running at the same 7 mph for three miles getting old? Spice up your run by adding these moves into your workout!

Required: Stopwatch, iPod, Track, or GPS (Nike+ app, running watch, etc.)

Switch It Up

Jog a mile at an easy pace to warm up, such as 6 mph. Once you finish mile one, run half a mile at 7 mph.  Next half mile: 8 mph. Now you’ve run two miles and you’d probably like to be done. Too bad! Slow down for the third mile, and run at a 7 mph pace. If you’re up for it, go on to four miles: first half mile, 9 mph, really push yourself. Cool down for the last half-mile at 6 mph. This exercise will keep both you and your muscles engaged!

Turn Up the Music

If you run to music, this next fun and motivating exercise will get your heart rate up and keep you focused on your run. Find an upbeat song with a power chorus. Run at  your normal pace during the verses, but once it hits the chorus, sprint at 80% until the next verse. The next time the chorus comes, give it all you’ve got, and sprint as fast as you can. Recover again, and at the next chorus go back to 80%. Keep a steady pace for the next song; incorporate the sprints during every other song, using the music to direct you.

Work It Out

Want to build some muscle? Jog half a mile, then lunge it out for 25 lunges. Jog another half mile and stop to do 20 squats. Start up again, this time jogging backwards for a quarter mile. Don’t underestimate the backwards jog – you’ll be focusing on not going off the sidewalk the whole time. Turn sideways and shuffle, switching sides for another quarter mile. This will take you to 1.5 miles. Now, repeat the pattern of the first mile, incorporating lunges and squats. Then, instead of jogging backwards, try and karaoke for a quarter mile, or as long as you can. Backwards jog for a quarter mile, side shuffle for a quarter mile. Finish the last quarter mile by jogging forward, and stretch it out at the end.

If you don’t have a GPS, that’s no excuse! Use your music or a watch to time yourself, estimating a half-mile, or just timing yourself five minutes. If you wanna be in shape and Feel Great, get your act together and get out there!

By Olivia M. Bowser

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2 thoughts on “Spice Up Your Run!

  1. Run backwards and sideways? Intervals? Where do you come up with this stuff??

    How about 3-4 miles with two all out 30 second sprints per mile? Everyone can go hard for 30 seconds.

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