Daily Dose: 9/28/2012

Just Like Riding a Bike: You know how you always know how to ride a bike, no matter how long it has been since you last did? That’s due to motor memory, the more scientific term for muscle memory. Researchers in Copenhagen wanted to see how exactly exercise affects the way we store memories. They had some participants exercise before learning a computer motor-skill, some exercise after, some exercise before and after, and some that did not exercise at all. Those who exercised directly after were the ones who best remembered the skill, which suggests that physical exercise may help the brain consolidate and store memories, but only in the long term. There’s no telling if the same principle applies to more intellectual memories, like studying, but early results are promising.

Lady Gaga’s “Body Revolution”: After a recent show in Amsterdam, Lady Gaga was attacked by the media for having gained 30 or so pounds. In response, Gaga posted a photo on her website of herself as a teenager, with the caption “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.” She also created a section on her site called “A Body Revolution,” where fans can post their own stories of eating disorders, skin problems, and more.Read more on Gaga and the rise of adult anorexia here.

Flu Season is Back: Last winter was the mildest flu season on record, according to, but don’t expect the same this year. Two new strains of the influenza virus have been detected, but luckily they can be prevented with a simple flu shot. Doctors recommend a yearly vaccine for everyone, especially those with asthma, diabetes, or certain other health conditions. Don’t like needles? Try the FluMist version of the vaccine, which is squirted up the nose and is safe for anyone between the ages of 2 and 49 who isn’t pregnant. 18-to 64-year olds can also get an intradermal shot, which is a smaller needle than usual. With all of these options, there’s really no excuse not to get your flu shot this year.

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