The Seaweed Diet: Will It Really Make You Lose Weight?

Eat your broccoli. Don’t forget to drink your milk. Always remember to eat your…  seaweed?

Growing up, your parents always told you to eat your vegetables. Seaweed is a new fad in today’s diet trends. Women’s Health even named it one of the best foods for women, specifically mentioning the heart disease-fighting power of sushi wraps. Seaweed is a good form of iodine and rich in calcium and iron. Another great reason to eat seaweed is because you can use it as a salt substitute; It’s healthier and gives your meal an added punch of flavor.

If the thought of picking up a package of seaweed and eating it as a snack grosses you out, there are other ways to bring it in to your diet. Hijiki seaweed can be added to your stir-fry. Just be wary, if you do decide to mix it with stir fry, don’t add too much soy sauce. Add it to baked fish or seafood pastas. Or, try mixing it in with your salad at dinner for something different!

The seaweed diet has become a common trend among celebrities, but you must know that there are some pitfalls to the seaweed diet. Just because you eat seaweed salad every day does not mean you are going to lose weight. You have to be aware of how much you are consuming and the type of seaweed you are eating. Seaweed salad has extra sodium, but some seaweed snacks are a healthier option with  less calories.

So, the next time you go to add salt on your fish, add seaweed instead. It could add some zest, and save your health.

By Ediva Zanker

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