Daily Dose: 9/26/2012

Public Schools Handing out Free Birth Control: Yeah, you read that right. A group of public high schools in NYC are offering free birth control pills and Plan B to students, some even as young as 14, Time reports. Although high schools across the country offer condoms to students, this is the first time any schools have tried giving out contraceptive pills. Apparently parents are not too upset about this – they are given the choice to opt out of the program, which is as simple as signing a form saying that their daughter is not to receive any birth control. Only 1-2% of parents have opted out, which may be due to the fact that the program is being implemented in areas with high teen pregnancy rates, or areas that don’t have access to health clinics such as Planned Parenthood. Across the 12 schools that are part of this program, 580 students received the pill and 567 received Plan B during the 2011-2012 school year.

Think… Negative?: If you thought the key to achieving your goals was to think positive, think again. New research indicates that daydreaming about your achievements won’t be enough to inspire you, and might actually have the opposite effect. It turns out that when you think positively about a goal, such as getting in shape, you tend to ignore the challenges you’ll face along the way — the food you might be craving or the days you might feel too lazy to get out of bed. This will make achieving your goal even more frustrating, because it won’t play out as you imagined it. Instead, when setting a goal, you should consider the things you are doing now that need to be fixed, and think ahead to obstacles that might get in your way. Here are even more tips on achieving your goals, courtesy of

A Real-Life Miracle: A 23-year old man in Nebraska was admitted to the hospital in August with inflammation of the heart muscle, thought to be caused by a viral infection. His heart was only functioning at 10%, so doctors hooked him up to a machine to help with his heart and lungs. He was put on the transplant list, but the operation was postponed when he was diagnosed with blood poisoning. That same day, doctors noticed that his blood pressure was rising – something that wouldn’t be possible if his heart was relying on that machine. After an ultrasound, doctors discovered that the left chamber of his heart had begun to function normally again. Four days later, the right side was working fine on its own, too. He has no permanent damage to his heart, and was able to leave the hospital within a few weeks. His doctors are calling it a miracle! Read more about his unbelievable story here.