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Daily Dose: 9/25/12

Suffering from text neck? If you’re always on your smartphone, this one’s for you. If you’re hunched over with your arms bent by your side while you’re scrolling through your inbox, you’re in for a lot of pain. Physical therapists coined the term “Text Neck” for the aches and pains associated with smartphone use. Every time you lean forward, the pressure on your spine doubles, which can pull it out of alignment. This constant stretching of tissue can lead to nerve damage and muscle strain. For more information and how to avoid Text Neck, check out this article from CNN.com.

Can Food Be Addictive? The idea of being addicted to food has been debated for years, but researchers have come to surprising findings. Scientists at the Oregon Research Institute studied children’s brains who looked at pictures of chocolate milkshakes and later consumed them. Similar to how drug abusers need larger doses over time, children who frequently eat ice cream may need more of it for the reward centers of their brains to indicate satisfaction. Food addicts should look for healthier alternatives, just like how drug users go through withdrawal and recovery. Researchers believe food addiction is related to the types of foods we’re eating. For more information on food addiction, read this NYT article.

All About Caffeine: If you need to stop at Starbucks every morning before class, it’s okay. Nutritionists used to discourage the consumption of caffeine, but not anymore. In addition to keeping you alert, caffeine can boost athletic performance, allowing you to exercise longer. And grab another cup of coffee-caffeine isn’t addictive. Just be sure not to consume caffeine in excess amounts. For more details on caffeine, read this article from TODAY health.

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Photo from: http://www.criticalmassatlanta.org