Get in the Loop

Running from the bus station to Manley Field House and back is a great two-mile run, but if you’re doing it everyday, that straightaway is going to get old fast. There are different routes around campus that vary in distance and scenery, keeping every run from getting dull.

For a shorter run: If you’re looking for a shorter run, Syracuse University’s Healthy Monday program suggests a few different routes around campus. Try the Irving Avenue – Comstock Loop or the SU South campus loop. There are even signs around campus marking your distance and keeping you on track. If you’re sick of campus scenery, venture downtown for the Armory Square Area Loop.

For a 5k: In case you missed the Cuse vs. Cancer 5k run this past weekend, try doing it on your own! Just take the Healthy Monday mile loops three times, finishing in the quad on the third trip around.

A little longer: For a four-mile run, start at Ernie Davis, run towards Manley, past South campus and the soccer fields, to Tops grocery store. Take a quick break to grab a drink at the water fountain, or do a loop around the lot and head back to Ernie!

Create Your Own:

Visit the Map My Run website to plan out your own route – it calculates distance for you. This resource is also available as a free app, and works for both runs and walks!

Keep Track: 

The Nike + Running App will track your distance, time, average page, and calories burned. Head out your front door for a spontaneous run, and you’ll still know how you far ran when you’ve finished.

Now you have no excuses—Choose one of these loops or make your own, and make everyday Feel Great.

By Olivia M. Bowser

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  1. Great information. Good choice for anyone living on campus. For me, I will still spend my running time at Green Lakes or Highland forest:)

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