General Health

Keep on Smiling


We are constantly thinking about our health, what we eat, when we work out.  But how often do we think about the health of our teeth? Sure, we brush twice a day, and maybe even remember to floss. But is that enough?

Taking care of your teeth is fairly simple if you do it right. The American Dental Association suggests that you brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste for about two minutes. It is a common belief that electric toothbrushes do a better job of cleaning your teeth, but manual toothbrushes can be just as efficient if you do a meticulous job, carefully brushing along the gum line as well as your teeth.Whatever toothbrush you choose, it is important to replace it when the bristles become frayed, as it can lessen the cleaning power of your brush.

Flossing is one part of your dental health that is often forgotten. Flossing helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. When you floss your teeth, make sure to pull the string tight against your tooth. Slowly slide it between your tooth and gums so that you don’t accidentally damage your gums.

Though you may religiously brush and floss your teeth, they may not be as white as you want them to be. At-home whitening products, either strips or trays, can effectively whiten teeth in two to four weeks. The one downside to these products is that they do not permanently whiten your teeth. If you are looking for a more permanent whitening solution, consider talking to your doctor about in-office bleaching, which can have more dramatic results after the first treatment. These treatments are also more expensive than at home solutions.

Good luck and keep on smiling!

By Fiona O’Connor