Student Life

Finding Your Balance from A to Chi: Make the Most Out of Your Semester


College is supposed to be the best four years of your life, so why not love every minute of it?

While it may feel like the semester has just began, the scary reality is it’s almost over. Summer is right around the corner, and finals and other deadlines are quickly approaching. It may be difficult to not count down the days, but now’s the time to make the most out of your spring semester.

Whether it’s hanging out with friends, studying extra hard for finals, or locking down those summer internships, there’s a lot to do before May. While you may be ready for your summer adventures to begin, remember that your time at school is precious. Even though school-related work takes priority, make sure you build time into your schedule to just have fun. By making the most out of each day, you’ll be able to end the year on the highest note possible.

Whether you’re a freshman or senior, embrace every moment at school. While four years of high school seems like forever, your four years of college is over in the blink of an eye. If you ask any senior, they are probably in disbelief they have reached the end of their college career. Even though you may be excited for the next chapter in your life, own each moment.

As we enter our final weeks here at Syracuse, this is my challenge for you: make the most out of each day. These moments in college are the memories that last a lifetime.

Live it up.

By Eva Zymaris