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The IUD: The Latest and Greatest Birth Control

Photo: Monik Markus

So everyone takes birth control for different reasons, and it usually runs on a 28-day cycle. However, how many times have you missed a pill, and worried that it might affect your cycle, or worse yet, your chances of getting pregnant? I can say I sure have. What if there was a more convenient contraceptive device? There is.

I recently learned from a gynecologist about IUD, or Intrauterine Device. Well, an IUD is a small t-shaped plastic device that a doctor inserts in to your uterus. This device is covered in hormones or copper, and allows you to not get your period for 5-10 years, depending on the form. Copper lasts for 10 years, hormonal for 5.

So how does it work? The hormonal type prevents pregnancy and periods by damaging and killing sperm as well as keeping the lining of the uterus thin, allowing it not to shed, which is a menstrual cycle. The copper type is toxic to sperm and makes the uterus produce a fluid that kills it. It too thins the uterine lining,preventing periods.

This newest contraceptive is trending pretty big right now, mainly due to it’s convenience. However, like most other contraceptives, it doesn’t prevent STDs, so still be safe and use protection if you have multiple sexual partners!

These days there’s also a shot you can take as well as a tiny metal rod you can have placed in your arm that cause infrequent or no period. So, if you’re having trouble staying consistent with your birth control, be sure to ask your doctor about these other options!