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Bikini Waxing Gone Bad


I recently came upon an article discussing the dangers of bikini waxing. As the summer is fast approaching, many of us are beginning to schedule appointments to look bathing suit-appropriate. However, more and more stories are coming out about women who suffered traumatic effects as a result of getting waxed.

Although we like to look our best in bikinis, the price of vanity is a little scary given the stories shared in these articles.

Essentially, the hair down there, although gross, is a wall of protection for that area. By stripping that hair away, we are exposing the area to a lieu of bacteria. Waxing irritates the skin, possibly removing portions of the outermost skin and causing it to swell. The swelling then traps bacteria, and allows for infections to occur. These infections then can cause fevers, chills, and extreme pain in the leg that may cause the area to need to be drained. Whoa. As a girl who gets bikini waxes, I certainly don’t want that to happen to me.

Here’s how to avoid it:

• Make sure the facility, as well as the aesthetician, practices good hygiene and is clean.

• Watch to make sure they don’t double dip in to the wax and that they throw out each spatula after each swipe on the skin.

•After you get waxed, be sure to apply a antibiotic cream and a anti-inflammatory hydrocortisone cream in the days following to prevent infection.

Simply follow these steps and keep your bikini wax from turning in to a much scarier situation!

By Aisling Williams