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The Many Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide? Is that an element? No, it’s a cleaning agent that has more  uses than you ever knew. Personally, I swear by the stuff and keep on finding new purposes for it. It literally does everything, and better yet, has fast results! Here are a few of my favorite uses for this genie in a bottle:

  1. It treats acne. Hydrogen peroxide kills the bacteria on the skin that causes acne and also oxygenates your pores – when oxygen goes into the skin, bacteria cannot live and future breakouts are prevented. Some people even use it as a daily regimen instead of trying other acne products which may actually dry out skin.
  2. It whitens teeth. Dentists and toothpaste makers have been in on it for years. The oxidant properties in the liquid make it a kind of bleaching agent, thus whitening your teeth.
  3. It gets wax out of ears. Once again the oxidant properties in the solution allow it to break up wax in the ears. Simply put a small amount in the ear (about one capful) while lying down. You actually hear it working – it will fizz. Wait 20 minutes and drain the solution. Voila! Clean ears.
  4. It heals canker sores. Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic, meaning it kills bacteria and germs. By reducing the amount of bacteria near or on it, the sore is allowed to heal, and your mouth is no longer in pain.
  5. It removes clothing stains. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent, and gets out even the toughest stains on white clothing, even blood. Blood is gross, but blood stains are even worse. Simply mix the solution with some water and dab on your stain, and watch it disappear!

I could go on. There are endless uses for this liquid. Just go online and you will be amazed what you can use it for!

By Aisling Williams