Dieting – Not Just for Girls


Think of any dieting commercial or program and you instantly picture Jennifer Hudson for Weight Watchers or Mariah Carey for Jenny Craig. Dieting programs have always targeted on women, though obesity is not just a women’s problem. The Center for Disease Control reports that over 30% of men in the United States are overweight.

Big dieting companies such as Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers have noticed that men have been left out of the dieting equation and have now created programs specifically for men. Weight Watchers, a dieting program that uses a point system to manage calorie intake, has picked up the tagline “Lose like a Man” in an effort to promote their new program. Former basketball player Charles Barkley is the new spokesperson for the dieting program, giving a definitively more masculine feel to the program that has focused on women in the past.

Nutrisystem, a program that supplies pre-made meals, also chose a former athlete, football player Terry Bradshaw, as their new spokesperson for their dieting program.  The new dieting programs for each company has changed very little, though the online support for men has been expanded and improved.

With new programs like these, men can slim down, too. More than 78 million Americans are overweight, according to the CDC, and it’s time to do something about it!

By Fiona O’Connor