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5 Best Ways to Heal a Sunburn


Everyone is back from spring break tan and bronzed, but for those of us who didn’t get to go to paradise, we raced to the quad – or any patch of grass – this past week seeking rays. Well, some of us got color, but it was pink, not brown. Oh sunburn, how I haven’t missed you. Here’s the top five ways to get rid of that sunburn, and fast!

  1. Distilled White or Apple Cider Vinegar. Vinegar? What? Yep, it’s true. The acidity in vinegar takes the heat out of the burn, preventing it from blistering, bubbling, or peeling, and allowing it to heal faster than anything else out there. Apply every couple hours and your burn will turn into a lovely tan before you know it! You may smell like a salt and vinegar chip at first, but the scent goes away within an hour or so.
  2. Milk. Once again, I am not kidding. Milk too helps heal a sunburn pretty quickly. The protein in milk covers your skin in a protective coating that keeps hydration in the skin, while enzymes heal and soothe. Apply for 15-20 minutes on the skin and then rinse with cold water to avoid smelling like baby spit-up.
  3. Witch Hazel. It’s the renaissance man of products, and among its wide array of uses is healing a sunburn. The product is an anti-inflammatory, meaning it takes the pain and any swelling out of a burn. It also helps cool it. Once again, it kind of smells a little funky, but it heals fast!
  4. Aloe. I bet you were waiting for this one. Yes, aloe is wonderful for your skin, though it has one caveat. Many people don’t know this, but if applied too heavily or too often, aloe ends up trapping heat in, possibly making your burn worse and preventing the healing process. Apply aloe every three hours or so.
  5. Water. Yes, you may be focused on external aids, but water by far is the best internal one. Sunburns dehydrate you, so it is crucial to stay fully hydrated to allow for a much faster healing process.

The best way to avoid the pain from a sunburn? Keep the suntan lotion coming! Apply every few hours and you won’t have to deal with a burn in the first place.

By Aisling Williams