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Can you Coregasm?!

Have you ever had a “tingly feeling” down there after an intense workout? Ever wonder what that was? It could be a coregasm.

A recent study by Indiana University researchers confirms the long-told myth that exercise can lead to a female orgasm.The exploratory study was led by Debby Herbenick, Co-director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University.

Of the 530 women surveyed for the study, 124 reported experiencing exercise-induced orgasms and 246 women reported exercise-induced sexual pleasure.

The survey was given to women ages 18 to 63, most of whom were in a relationship or married. 40 percent had experienced the phenomenon on more than 10 different occasions. Most women said they were not fantasizing about sex or thinking about anyone they were attracted to when they experienced an orgasm.

The exercise-induced orgasms are often called coregasms because of their association with abdominal exercises. The corgasms tended to occur after several sets of crunches or other abdominal exercises, after the woman had exerted plenty of energy. Of the exercises connected to coregasms, 51.4 percent experienced exercise-induced orgasms while doing abdominal exercises, 26.5 percent while weight lifting, 20 percent while doing yoga, 15.8 percent while bicycling, 13.2 percent while running and 9.6 percent while walking or hiking.

The study suggests that further research is needed to learn more about the triggers of these types of orgasms. The study also did not determine how common the exercise-induced orgasm occurred. However, in interviews with the press Herbenick has expressed that it only took five weeks to recruit 370 women who had previously experienced an exercise-induced orgasm to participate in the study. This suggests that the phenomenon is not as rare as commonly perceived.

The correlation between exercise and orgasms is not very far-fetched. In both exercise and sex, the heart rate increases, people breath faster, and blood flow increases. Herbenick also told the press that this study suggests that exercise has the potential to enhance sex life, though more research is needed to confirm that possibility. This study also explores the possibility that orgasms aren’t only related to sexual situations.

Knowing this is a common experience also means you don’t have to be ashamed if it happens or has already happened to you – it may even give you another incentive to get up before class and start the day off with an energizing and hard-core workout!