Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to…

Aspirin, which might help prevent and treat certain cancers.  According to three new studies out of Britain’s Oxford University, the short-term effects of taking aspirin each day may reduce the chance of death due to cancer and even treat patients already with cancer.  Aspirin might also reduce the possibility of cancer spreading between organs by about 40 percent.  Learn more about the studies here:

Tranexamic acid, a cheap drug without serious side effects that stops massive bleeding.  The adoption of this drug could save up to 4000 lives in the US each year, treating patients involved in shooting, stabbings or car crashes.  However, because the drug is so cheap, it has not been profitable for the production company.  Hospitals, though, are recognizing its value and beginning to adopt the use of tranexamic acid.  Read more about the drug here:

Jeers to…

Napping during the day.  Instead, try exercising when you feel fatigued.  Studies suggest a light workout reduces the risk of having low energy or exhaustion, and also prepares you to get a better night’s rest when you hit the hay at the end of the day.  For more details, visit:

Flavored water, which tends to be packed with calories.  Sometimes these drinks provide extra vitamins, but there are usually extra sugars too.  These bottled drinks should only contain water and natural flavors.  See what the other worst drinks for your body are here:


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