Student Life

Easy on the Eyes

For years, there has been talk about whether or not computers and other electronic objects such as televisions, iPods, iPads, and gaming devices could possibly damage your eyes.

Overexposure to computer screens can cause CVS, or Computer Vision Syndrome, an ailment which strains the eye due to the difficulty of reading text on an electronic format. This can cause also headaches and fatigue, and is worse when reading in poor lighting.

According to many studies, lighting has a large effect on our eyesight. Children who grow up spending more time outside in the sun have much better vision than those who choose to stay inside and look at an electronic interface. Children naturally look at these electronics closer up, causing the eye to grow overtime to adjust. This growth is abnormal for the eyeball and is the cause of myopia, or nearsightedness. Children who grow up outside playing sports focus their eyes on far objects instead of near ones, allowing for the prevention of abnormal eye growth.

Even worse, as college students we are constantly exposing ourselves to our MacBooks and iPhones. Although you can’t reverse myopia, you can help prevent CVS. Take breaks from your computer – don’t worry, not long ones. After looking at a screen for 20 minutes or so, take a five minute break, focusing on objects far away around the room. It will allow your eyes to rest and work in a different way. We can all space out, can’t we? I thought so.

By Aisling Williams