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True or False: Eyeglasses Worsen Your Eyes


For years, myself and others who are visually impaired have wondered about this, especially if your prescription gets stronger over time. If you finally succumb to glasses or contacts, will your eyes slowly weaken? Nope. Glasses and contacts only do good for our eyes, not bad.

When you have poor vision, you strain your eyes in daily life to see, usually by squinting in order to focus. This squinting is weakening them. When you get a prescription for your vision, in glasses or contact form, they serve as an aid to your eye, allowing you to see more clearly. However, when you take them off, your eyes seem worse than ever, and you become very reliant on them. This is because you’ve become accustomed to seeing more clearly, and your perception changes. Without them, your eyesight seems more blurry than before, but in actually it is the same – it’s relative. The glasses have just given you a break from trying to see.

What about having an increase in your prescription over time? That’s got to be because of glasses.

Once again, it’s not. It’s actually your eyes worsening naturally over time as a result of being visually impaired. There are two types of poor vision: the kind that affects you when you are young, known as myopia, or nearsightedness, and the kind that effects you as you age, known as presbyopia, or farsightedness. With time, both of these conditions naturally weaken your eyes, regardless of whether you are wearing glasses or not. That is why you need to get a stronger prescription.

So if you’re struggling to see, give your eyes a break and take advantage of the dusty glasses hiding in a drawer somewhere. Don’t be afraid, they’re only there to help you.

By Aisling Williams