Student Life

The Dangers of Technology


So far today, I have checked my Facebook twice, Googled a few things, sent out dozens of texts, and now here I am typing on my computer. Technology is an important part of any student’s life. When my computer crashed last semester, I felt like the world was ending. All of this got me thinking, though: Can all of this technology overload actually be harmful to our health?

I’m sure almost everyone has heard the myth that looking at computer screens can hurt your eyesight. While looking at a screen doesn’t actually hurt your eyes, it can cause eyestrain, which is caused by poor lighting and computer glare. This can be easily prevented by working on your computer in a well-lit setting.

One of the biggest health risks associated with extensive screen time, whether it be watching TV or typing an essay, is that you are sitting. Sitting for extensive amounts of time can increase your risk of heart disease and obesity. Obviously you have to sit to write an essay on your computer, but limit the amount of time you spend in front of a screen on a daily basis.

Giving yourself breaks from sitting in front of a computer will also help to reduce health risks and improve your focus.  Instead of sitting in your room watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns (which I’ll admit to doing), go out and do something. There are so many activities on campus, you’ll easily find something interesting to do. You can also try watching your favorite TV show while running on the treadmill so that you still get to watch Jersey Shore, but you’re getting a workout at the same time.

Computers and cell phones are a permanent part of our lives, so it’s impossible to escape them completely. Moderation is the key to staying healthy and enjoying all technology has to offer.

By Fiona O’Connor