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Relieve Your Stress with 3 Basic Yoga Moves

We all have a purpose for working out, but many tend to forget the mental benefits that exercise can also provide us with.  With only a few simple moves, Yoga can bring us that peace and stress-free life we long for during our busy lives. Each pose is paired along with deep breathing that circulates the air throughout your body in a specific movement that will relieve your stress and anxiety.

Extended Triangle Pose

Start off with a simple pose that will relax you and get you well stretched out. This pose is particularly my favorite pose because it allows you to really open up your air waves.

  • Stand with your feet wide apart, about 3 to 4 feet apart (more than shoulder width).
  • Standing in this position, reach one arm down touching your right toes while the other hand reaches up vertically above the other. At this point your torso should be twisted facing the ceiling.
  • While in this position, take a deep breath and inhale, than exhale slowly as you twist your torso to the right for a deeper stretch.

Bharadvaja’s Twist 

Bharadvia’s twist is a very simple move but don’t let that fool you! By sitting in one simple position, you are able to stretch out your back and hips by twisting your torso while practicing your breathing!

1. Begin by sitting with your buttocks on the floor with your legs bent back and to the left with your ankles crossed.

2. Placing the left hand on your knee and your right behind your back. Inhale and lift up to the top of your sternum, lengthening our torso. Exhale slowly and twist your torso to the right. Be sure to lengthen everything including your spine, your torso, your tailbone, and your neck. You want the air to move freely throughout your body allowing for stress relief.

Ending with Cobra pose

I always love ending yoga with the cobra pose . While this is known to be one of the “resting pose”, it is the most relaxing position.

1. Lay on your stomach, placing your hands in push up position. Take a deep breath in as you lift your upper torso up by stretching out your arms completely, leaving your feet on the floor.

  • Be sure to be pressing your legs and pelvis against the ground and arch your back as much as comfortably possible. This allows for a nice deep stretch of your abdomen.  Breathe easily as you hold this position for about 15 seconds.
  • Release and exhale and bring your self back to the floor.

Each of these poses are easy to do and will help relieve the every day stresses of school and work!

By Brianna Sander