Student Life

Finding Your Balance from A to Chi: Feeling Beautiful Everyday

College is supposed to be the best four years of your life, so why not love every minute of it?

Especially as you are getting ready in the morning, you habitually look in the mirror to check out your appearance. While this act may seem innocent, how many times do you look at your reflection and wish something was different? Even though the phrase “focus on the positives, not the negatives” may be deemed cliché, focusing on what makes you uniquely special will help you feel beautiful every day.

It may be easy to criticize your body shape or how your hair looks, but changing your attitude towards your appearance will not only make you happier, but also improve your overall mental health. By embracing what makes you different, you will be able to start each day on a positive note and continue that trend throughout the day. No matter what, you will always be your own worst critic. But reshaping the way you think and telling yourself you are beautiful will transform the way you view yourself. And trust me, others will notice this positive change as well.

They key to feeling beautiful is being confident. By walking into a room and owning it, it shows you are comfortable with who you are as a person. While you may think this goes unnoticed, people feed off this positive energy, making you someone people want to be around. But understanding the fine line between confident and arrogant is crucial.

Even though it may be easier to see the negatives, focusing on the positives will help you feel beautiful every day. If this is something you struggle with, this is my challenge for you: compliment yourself every day when you wake up. Not “you look skinny today,” but rather “your genuine care for others makes you a beautiful person.” Finding and understanding what makes you special and highlighting your personal strengths will not only make you feel good on the inside, but also exude the confidence to take on the world.

Remember, there’s only one of you: love every piece of your individual puzzle.

By Eva Zymaris