Carbs Can Make You Skinnier?


Yes, it’s true. Take a few times to read it and actually let it sink in. I’ll say it again. Carbohydrates have been proven to make you skinnier. According to a study done at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center for Human Nutrition in Denver,  eating certain carbs is one of the best ways to get and stay thin. These carb-rich foods are a type of carbohydrate known as Resistant-Starch. These types of carbs have been known to shrink fat cells, increase fat burn, boost muscle mass, curb cravings, make you feel full longer, control blood sugar, and lower cholesterol and your triglyceride level. By adding this “Resistant Starch” to your diet beginning in the morning, your body will shift in to fat-melting mode, causing you to burn 25 percent more calories a day. Also, you will consume about 10 percent less calories.

So where can we find these magical Resistant Starch foods? Anywhere and everywhere. They are in foods such as bananas, whole grain breads and cereals, vegetables, potatoes, and yes, even potato chips! So don’t deny those carbs, warmly accept them!

By Aisling Williams