Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to…

Lentils, which are easy to cook and great for your heart.  An international study found that legumes are associated with an 82 percent reduction in risk of heart disease death.  Legumes like lentils are packed with lean protein, fiber, folate, magnesium and potassium.  Check out this list of other heart healthy foods: 

The FDA, for investigating whether inhalable caffeine should be marketed as a dietary supplement.  “Aero Shots” are lipstick-sized tubes filled with inhalable caffeine.  They are available in New York, Massachusetts and France.  Because the caffeine shots were labeled as dietary supplements, the FDA did not need to review the product.  Now, however, the fear of teens huffing too much caffeine has the FDA taking a closer look.  Read more here:

Jeers to…

Hepatitis C, which affects about 3.2 million Americans, but half may not know they are harboring the virus.  The CDC found that in 2007, more deaths were caused by hepatitis C than AIDS.  The baby boomer generation seems to be most affected, with an estimated 1 in 33 people of that generation struggling with the virus.  Get more information here:

Johnson & Johnson, which recently had to recall its infant Tylenol.  A new bottle design created problems with the dosing systems and parents have complained.  The medicine will be off the market for an indefinite amount of time.  Read more about the recall here:


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