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The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil


For years, coconut oil has been considered “off limits” along with other hydrogenated oils due to its saturated fat content. But researchers have been studying this oil carefully, and have found that coconut oil may not be as harmful as was once thought. Other coconut products such as coconut milk and coconut water are now staples in health food markets due to their abundance of nutrients and health benefits. It seems coconut oil is finally getting the recognition it deserves and will soon be as popular as Vita Coco (coconut water) and So Delicious (coconut milk).

The fatty acids in coconut oil are unique as they are mostly medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are more easily metabolized by the body. These MCTs affect your heart differently; evidence has proven that virgin coconut oil primarily raises the good cholesterol, HDL.

The health benefits of coconut oil are endless. It provides nutrients for hair care, skin care, stress relief, weight loss, maintaining cholesterol, weight loss, increasing immunity, proper digestion, proper thyroid function, relief from kidney problems, dental care, and bone strength. The oil is also high in antioxidants. These benefits are due to the strong presence of lauric acid and stearic acid in coconut oil.  Coconut oil fights fatigue, too, and acts as a natural energy booster.

There are many different ways to use coconut oil. An easy way is to use it in place of butter. Spread it on toast in the morning and if you’re craving something sweet, sprinkle some cinnamon and a sugar-replacement such as Stevia on top. Another option is to add it to water or any sports drink for a workout – it will boost your energy. Incorporate it into your post-workout meal to help with muscle recovery.

Coconut oil is a great addition to smoothies, especially a whey protein shake, which has been proven to fend off hunger, promote muscle building, burn fat and keep your energy up. You can also use coconut oil as you would any other oil to cook chicken, fish, or any other meat. The oil is very resistant to heat, making it a good choice for frying. Or ry melting it and adding it to desserts or in place of cream in coffee. You can also melt it and use it in any baking recipe.

Adding coconut oil to your diet will make you feel more energized while providing you with an abundance of nutrients and health benefits. And best of all, it tastes delicious.