Finding Your Balance from A to Chi: Don’t Be an “Easy A”


College is supposed to be the best four years of your life, so why not love every minute of it?

One of the most exciting parts about entering college is the newfound freedom and independence. You no longer have to abide by your parents’ rules, and you begin to set your own agenda that fits your new life. But sometimes, this freedom can do more harm than good. As a high school student, your parents were able to manage and supervise everything you did because you still lived “under their roof.” But as a college student, you are now able to do what you want, when you want. And this idea translates into all aspects of your life, especially your relationships.

Even though this independence may feel like a must-needed change in your life, you must tread carefully when dealing with this freedom. Especially in college, it is much easier to get away with more “promiscuous” behavior without your parents’ constant supervision. While it may seem like a great idea to go home with some random person after a party and receive kudos from your friends the next day, think about the reputation that you are building for yourself. Your years in college set the foundation for the rest of your life, so why start off as “the easy girl that lives down the hall”? Learning to love yourself and establishing your self worth is key to the success of your current and future relationships.

Not to sound cliché, but you must always remember that your body is a temple. By allowing yourself to fall into the trap of “putting out,” people will hold that lasting opinion of you. And unfortunately, when you decide you want a more serious relationship, you will always carry around that lasting legacy of being an “Easy A.” Be kind to your body, and your reputation will thank you later.

As a college student, I always reflect back on these simple words of wisdom my parents gave me: “Why pay for something when you can have it for free?” And to this day, those words are still pertinent in my life and can be applied to yours as well. When you openly relinquish yourself to someone else, the commitment will never be there. Instead of appreciating who you are as an individual, you will solely be viewed as an object of possession.

There is only one of you in this world; share it with the people that deserve it.

By Eva Zymaris


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