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Buy Local Bash

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Second Annual Buy Local Bash put on Syracuse First for my internship. I am the director of social media for Organically Hip; in the weeks prior to November 21st, I had done a lot of research about the importance of buying locally to help promote the event via Facebook and Twitter. The facts that I found were astonishing and if this holiday season everyone made an effort to do at least some of their shopping at locally owned stores (whether it is here in Syracuse or in your home town), the effects this has on the economy is tremendously beneficial.

Syracuse First is a non for profit network of locally owned businesses and organizations in the Central New York area, with the goal of promoting community members to “Think Local First”. The Buy Local Bash was an event that gathered almost thirty vendors at Benjamin’s on Franklin Street for a night of tasting food and drinks, with local music, all the while promoting the significance of buying locally and just how much the community in people’s backyard has to offer.

Why buy local? Here’s just a few of the many reasons:  the money stays in Syracuse (or the town you’re shopping locally in), creates jobs (and internships, hi Angela and Maria!), customer service is better, the businesses get to know customers on the individual level and diversity within the town is increased with the uniqueness of the shops that are opened.

Here’s a shocking statistic from Syracuse First, “With just a 10% shift in market share from national or global businesses to locally owned independents, $130 million in new economic activity would be generated in Onondaga County.”

From now until December 31st, is the 3rd annual “Shop Syracuse Week”, encouraging the community to shift your shopping from large commercial stores to locally owned, independent businesses to generate economic growth within the community.

Think about how you can impact your community just by switching to locally owned stores, and hey, you never know what you may discover!

By Melissa Lembo