Couples Retreat


When some people fall in love, they fall hard. And though they often fail to realize it, they may be withdrawing from the social scene as they get sucked into the black hole known as “couplehood.”

Symptoms of Couplehood: Do you suffer from it?

1)    Going out to the bars and partying on the weekends have become things of the past. Though friends text you with potential plans, nothing really appeals to you. Instead, you would rather stay in, pop some Orville Redenbacher, and watch romantic comedies with your girlfriend or boyfriend. After all, you have been dying to see “Valentine’s Day.”

2)    You’re out of the loop when it comes to friends’ daily grievances, romantic flings, and regrettable decisions. You haven’t really bothered to inquire about their lives recently because your mind is otherwise occupied by more important thoughts of your significant other. Your wardrobe consists of sweatpants. You don’t really need to put all the time and effort into looking presentable for the rest of the world because your boyfriend or girlfriend loves you for what’s inside, not out.

3)    You’ve gained a little weight, which is the reason you started wearing sweatpants. Though you were once a regular at the gym, you just can’t seem to make time for it anymore. The StairMaster doesn’t provide you with the same satisfaction that it once did when you were single.

4)    It’s a rare occasion when you sleep by yourself in your own bed. You haven’t moved in together yet, but you might as well.

If any of these apply to you, you may need to realize and address the situation before it’s too late.

By Tina Ferraro


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  1. I will take heed to your wise words. I have put on weight because when I was single I was always on a diet but now that I have to cook for a husband (and a blog), it’s tempting and I do eat. I have to start exercising and cutting back.

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