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Fit in Your Flax


Life is crazy, no doubt about that. Life as a college student can be even a bit crazier. To do lists seem to be never ending, especially around the end of the semester. The end of the semester usually brings late nights, binge eating sprees and nutrition goes down the drain.

Enter in flaxseeds.  The simple addition of these to almost anything not only takes second but it boosts the nutrition and health benefits of whatever you’re eating immensely.

So what are the benefits? More like what aren’t the benefits? Flax provides B vitamins, magnesium and manganese. Also it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which help fight inflammation. Inflammation is linked to many chronic diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, asthma, diabetes and even some cancers. Flax is also high in fiber, soluble and insoluble, and high in phytochemicals, including many antioxidants.

You can purchase flaxseeds either whole or already ground up. If purchased whole they need to be ground up in either blender or food processor, so the nutrients are readily available to digest and don’t just pass through your body.

You can add flax to almost anything, from soups and salads to smoothies and salad dressings or even add it to cookie dough or sprinkle on cereal or pudding.

Flaxseeds can even substitute an egg in a recipe. For each egg needed mix two tablespoons of flax with two tablespoons of water and you have made yourself a flax egg!

Never underestimate the power of these, they may be tiny but the payoff is colossal.

By Melissa Lembo