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Healthy Apps


I remember when smart phones were considered a novelty, but now it seems that everyone has them. With smart phones there come thousands of new apps, so why not find some apps that help your health? I found these free apps that will help make your life easier and healthier, too.

Everyday First Aid (LITE)

This app lists various injuries, their causes, symptoms, and cures. Each injury is organized by topic and if the injury isn’t listed you can add it. There are a lot of apps similar to this one, but the Everyday First Aid app works without WiFi or 3G so even if you’re on top of a mountain you can still figure out how to fix up your scraped knee or tend to that snake bite.



RunKeeper is an app that lets you track how far you run, walk, or bike. This app allows you to create a profile with all of your personal information and then uses this profile to track your exercise. It has a GPS that tracks how far you go, measures how fast you are moving, and how many calories you’re burning.  You can also sync playlists through this app and upload your progress onto the website.


Whole Foods Recipes

This is an amazing app that gives you tons of different recipes. You can search different meal subjects with specifications, like gluten free or vegetarian. The app will give you a list of delicious choices to choose from. When you click on one dish it shows a picture of the dish, a description, and gives ingredients and cooking instructions.



This is basically the app version of WebMD (if you couldn’t tell by the name) but in a simpler format. The homepage has different categories, such as symptom checker and local health listings. The symptom checker lets you put in your personal information along with your symptoms and see what you might be suffering from. WebMD also lets you browse different medications or make a list of your own treatments.


Hot Body Yoga

I was hesitant about any app that lays out workouts for you, but this app gives different yoga poses as well as specialized workouts. If you choose a workout, the app will show each pose and count out how much time to hold each pose. The workouts vary from beginner to advanced, so even if you don’t know much yoga it’s pretty easy to make it part of your day.

By Fiona O’Connor