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A New Take on the Karate Kid

We all saw the movie when we were younger. “Wax on, Wax off” and then bam! The kid is the ultimate karate master.  While this isn’t the most realistic situation, it still lends itself to a great idea. Fighting, meaning karate, boxing, MMA, and other martial arts, are a fantastic training mechanism for one’s strength, speed, skills, and reflexes!
The martial arts are most strongly associated with East-Asian culture and the idea of zen.  There are many different strands from jujitsu and judu to kung fu and tai chi, but when you get down to it, they all have similar ideologies. They are “fighting systems primarily developed to improve self-defense and physical conditioning.” While the idea of “zen” and general peace of mind was not an original goal, it has evolved to be natural product of learning how to fight well and great spiritual health too!
So it comes down to the real question, is fighting an effective way to get your exercise? The answer is heck yes it is! It builds both lean muscle and endurance and increases one’s reflexes.  Training as a fighter is a fun way to do these things, and its much more exciting than hitting the treadmill again.  Every exercise in fighting is a compound movement, which means it will work muscle at multiple places and increase your energy expenditure by a ton! This means more calories will be burned, and will continue to burn for the next two days!
Now that I’ve convinced you to train as the next fighter, you’re probably wondering where you should do this.  A regular gym, such as Archibold, has all the equipment needed to do it yourself if that’s what you want.  Go for the old-school workouts like the clean press, pulls ups, and jumping rope! Medicine ball sit-ups, floor presses, and using swiss balls for greater extensions are also great ways to train. Of course, punching bag training is also great for your core, coordination, and your fighting! These sort of exercises are better with a teacher though. A teacher will make sure you are using proper form for the greatest strength in each hit. Lucky for you, this spring semester the physical education school is offering judo, boxing, and tai chi! So go sign up and become the master of the octagon!
By Audrey Hart