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Walk This Town

As a runner, I tend to schedule my day around running. I usually plan when I can squeeze a run in a whole day before!

However, recently I have felt overwhelmed by schoolwork, being an RA and I have realized that some days a run just is not in the works.

Yet, I still feel the itch to get my legs moving and to get outside. This is why I have recently learned to reap the benefits of walking!

No gym clothes required, no shower afterwards is necessary, and if you are one of those gym gurus who needs to an elliptical machine to workout, you don’t’ even have to wait for the gym to open. It really is as simple as just walking.

I can easily squeeze a little over a mile in before my 8a.m. class on Wednesday, 2 miles in during my hour break between two afternoon classes, and another solid mile in before I head back to my dorm for dinner, which brings me to a total of 4 miles for one day.

While I personally consider my new “walking” day a rest day, 4 miles of walking will probably burn more calories than some people burn at the gym. While I don’t spend time in the gym and prefer to take my runs outside, I do know that many people go to the gym and hop on these “gym machines” for thirty minutes or so not putting in much effort. Chances are they are burning fewer calories than expected! Four miles for the average person is about 400 calories burned. But once you have tried walking, calories burned will not even half the reason behind learning to love to walk outside.

Feeling the warmth on your face from the sunshine (not to mention absorbing all that vitamin D), the silence of the great outdoors, the wind blowing through your hair, and doing nothing but walking and thinking, will make taking a walk outside ten times more enjoyable than the gym. It will improve your mood, make you feel good about yourself, and you will return to class feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle any problem that comes your way!

So, walk this town! You don’t have to run it, spend hours in the gym, or even go out of your way really to make it happen. You just have to walk and you are guaranteed to stay fit, motivated and healthy!

By Marlei Simon