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Avery’s Healthy Campus Eats: Marshall Street After Dark


Around 2 AM the other Thursday, I found myself on Marshall Street, seated at a table in Acropolis surrounded by pizza and cheese fries. At the time it seemed like the perfect thing to do. The next morning, however, my roommates asked despairingly, “why didn’t anyone stop me from eating that junk?!” That made me think, is there such a thing as “healthy” drunk eating? And if so, where can we find it on SU campus?

Here are the results of my findings:

If you happen to wander into Insomnia Cookies on your way home, go for frozen yogurt instead of cookies or brownies. Fro-yo has less sugar and fat, and you’ll also get a small dose of calcium as well.

If you find yourself in Cosmos or Acropolis, you can pass on the pizza and fries and get a grilled chicken sandwich or wrap. Cosmos also has salads and omelets filled with fiber and protein. And while you may rather skip these foods altogether than have them as your late-night meal of choice, you might feel better in the morning if you go for these healthier options. However, if you just can’t shake your junk-food craving, head to Cosmos, where they can make you a low-fat pizza at your request with less or no cheese.

So, there are ways you can at least increase the nutritional value of your drunken binge. But the bottom line remains: binging is binging, no matter what you are eating. It is probably best to avoid drunk eating altogether, but indulging once or twice a week won’t kill you.

Good luck!

By Avery Bowser


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