The History of Field Hockey

The nationally ranked Syracuse women’s field hockey team entered into the postseason this weekend against Villanova, beating them 3-0, and then again on Sunday against UConn who they beat 3-2.  I’d say they deserve some attention. Not only is field hockey an exciting sport to watch, but it is also one of the world’s oldest sports.

There is evidence that the sport was played over 4,000 years ago in the Nile Valley. During the 19th century, field hockey started to spread through England. While at first it was thought to be too dangerous for women, it eventually caught on.  English woman Constance Applebee introduced the sport to the United States in 1901 when she was appalled at the other sports women were playing. Her new game caught on and the United States Field Hockey Association was created in 1922. Women’s field hockey was recognized in the Olympic games in 1980.
While field hockey isn’t the easiest sport to pick up and play, if you have access to a stick it’s a fun way get active.  Go work on your stick skills or shots! You don’t even need a field for this one.
As for SU, we made our 21st appearance in the BIG EAST championship, and kept the title for the second year. Syracuse now had an automatic big for the NCAA Division I Field Hockey Tournament that will start next Saturday, November 12.
By Audrey Hart