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Superfood of The Week: Greek Yogurt

People who want to loose weight immediately assume to cut out dairy and carbohydrates. What these same people tend to forget is that some dairy products actually help weight loss. Of course, a scoop of ice cream is not the dairy I am talking about, but Greek yogurt is one of the best forms of dairy and one of the best foods you could add to your everyday diet.

Greek yogurt, sometimes referred to as strained yogurt or to some, milk-that-has-been-out-too long, has a unique tart taste. The process of Greek yogurt, strained in a cloth paper bag to remove the excess liquid, is what gives it this taste. However, through this process, the yogurt ends up thicker and creamier, filled with protein and probiotics. That is why Greek yogurt differs from all other dairy products and even other yogurt products.

Greek yogurt also typically ends up in lower carbohydrates and sodium after the process. Depending on the type of process, all the fat in the dairy can be removed as well, leaving the yogurt with no fat, high protein and low carbohydrates. Sounds like the perfect snack or mini-meal to me. Be careful though because the whole milk Greek yogurt typically has twice the fat and protein than the 0% Greek yogurt.

What makes Greek yogurt a fabulous addition to your refrigerator is that it can be substituted for sour cream, cream cheese, and even mayonnaise. It can also be made into a meal by adding fruit, granola or flaxseed to make even more satisfying.

Greek yogurt is definitely an acquired taste and some people may never be able to actually enjoy it. However, my best piece of advice is to start off by trying the low-fat version, which has a thicker and creamier taste. It doesn’t seem as tart and once you’re comfortable and start to enjoy the yogurt, then opt for the non-fat version to get the most health benefits possible from the yogurt. Add Splenda or cinnamon to the non-fat version and it doesn’t taste nearly as bad!

Greek yogurt really is a Superfood and a perfect snack. 100 calories a cup, no fat and barely any sugar- almost better than you can ask for. Look for FAGE and Chobani in your supermarket today; they are the top brands for yogurt!

By Carly Goldstein