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6 Ways to Stop the Sweat

Some of us, myself included, sweat a lot – and not just at the gym where it is socially acceptable. Even mild exercise like walking to class can cause those annoying pit stains, which is pretty embarrassing and not too attractive. Deodorant doesn’t cut it for me; it only fragrances my sweat. Still gross. Luckily, there are other ways to prevent sweating.

  1. Relax. Stress and anxiety are big factors in how much we perspire. Try a few relaxation techniques when you’re feeling stressed out. Less stress, less sweat.
  2. Watch what you eat. Certain foods can cause excessive sweat, like caffeinated foods and beverages, spicy foods, and foods containing garlic and onions. Avoid these, and drink more water to lower your toxin level.
  3. Medicated antiperspirant. This isn’t your regular deodorant. It contains certain chemicals like aluminum chloride that fight against excess perspiration and generally prevent it. Contact your doctor to get this fix, and be sure to also apply a deodorant.
  4. Electric Shock. Believe it or not, a little electricity may do the trick. Contact your dermatologist and have them place a low current of electricity to the problematic area. Known as the iontophoresis procedure, it’s a little stronger than a medicated antiperspirant and is safe and painless.
  5. Botox. Although the chemical is usually used to give you bigger lips or a tighter face, it also can prevent perspiration. Botox blocks the nerves that trigger sweating, and has recently been found to be an effective way to decrease sweat. This fix is slightly painful.
  6. Surgery. This is a pretty intense method, so it should only be considered for serious sweat-ers. If none of the previously mentioned methods work, removal of the sweat glands in the area will.

By Aisling Williams


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