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5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Workout

We all want to look and feel good. It keeps us happy and allows us to feel confident in our own skin. But let’s be honest, it’s hard to get the time for a six mile run everyday. We have busy schedules and sometimes we can only manage 15 minutes in between lunch and our next class. Here are some tips to make your workout worth it:
1.    Multitask on the treadmill
You don’t have time to do both cardio and weight training, that’s fine, just combine them! According to Michael George, a trainer and the owner for Integrated Motivational Fitness in LA, working out on a treadmill with weights in your hands is an “amazing upper-body challenge that also gets your heart pumping.” Try a 3-5 pound weight, and do minute sets of shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and whatever else you can think of! As you get better, work up to four minute sets or maybe amp up the speed on the treadmill.
2.    Be Intense
If you don’t have that long to work out, don’t wimp out. Hit the intense button! Len Kravitz, PhD and professor of exercise physiology at University of New Mexico in Albuquergue, says it can help you burn an extra 50-150 calories! Remember, the pain is temporary and then you’ll feel great for the rest of the day!
3.    Work it in to your daily life
Are you really booked? Are you the kid who has meetings till midnight and classes all day? All right, maybe you don’t have even 15 minutes to try to work it into your daily routine. Incorporate it into thing you already have to do then. Take the stairs, not the elevator! Housekeeping day? Volunteer to shovel the snow in front of your driveway! Tom Seabourne, Ph.D., exercise physiologist and sports psychologist at Northeast Texas Community College in Mount Pleasant, Texas, says that shoveling snow not only can burn nearly 400 calories per hour but its great for your muscle endurance and power!
4.    Make it fun
Remember back in elementary school the hours spent in your driveway jumping rope? Did you know that this burns around 26 calories per minute and is a great endurance exercise? According to Michael Olajide Jr., former number one world middleweight contender and cofounder/trainer at Aerospace High Performance Center in New York City, this is one the best cardio workouts you can do.  Try doing a basic jump for five minutes, and then jump higher and faster in intervals. What about planning a vacation for the summers. Try kayaking! Rowing power comes straight from your core and is a straight shot for a flatter stomach.
5.    Sprint for the finish
You don’t have time for the slow, long distance running, and anyway, sprinting builds more muscle and endurance!  Intervals should be one of your best friends. When you’re running down the street, try sprinting as you hit every light post. This will give you a good 15-20 second sprint and then enough time to catch your breath.
By Audrey Hart