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Healthy Hair Tips

We put our hair through a lot every day.  Between straightening it, curling it, dying it and whatever else we do, it’s surprising our hair looks as good as it does. Personally, my hair has started to look less than its best recently. It’s dried out, limp, and full of split ends. My hair desperately needs to be cut, but I’m a little scared to test out a new hairdresser while I’m away from home. What can be done to salvage damaged hair?
We were always taught to wash our hair every day, but it is actually better to wash your hair every other day. Washing your hair too often can dry it out and strip your hair of its natural oils. Don’t skip the shower completely – on the days you don’t wash your hair, just rinse it with water and put some conditioner on the ends to keep them hydrated.
Protection is the best way to prevent your hair from becoming damaged. Heat is especially damaging to your hair. If you do straighten, blow dry, or curl your hair use a heat protectant before you start. This will keep your hair from getting dried out. Also, make sure your hair is completely dry before you curl or straighten it, because mixing your slightly wet hair with extreme heat is just going to fry it more.
If you already have damaged hair, like me, try using a deep-conditioner or hair mask once a week, which will help to rehydrate your hair. These conditioners will also help to replace the natural oils in your hair, making it look healthier and shiny.
What you eat also has an effect on your hair’s health. Eating protein, like nuts, salmon, or eggs, in combination with dark green vegetables will give you minerals that keeps your hair hydrated, give you a healthy scalp, and make your hair grow faster.
If your hair is majorly damaged the only way to fix it is to get a haircut. Cut off all the damaged tips, even if it is more than a trim. This will revive your hair and it will grow faster as well. Until you can get a haircut, though, take care of your hair and keep the bad hair days to a minimum.

By Fiona O’Connor