Cheers and Jeers

Cheers To…

Walking, which, according to numerous studies, can lower cholesterol, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and add years to your life.  According to the National Health Interview Survey from last year, about a third of American adults never exercise.  A Taiwanese study found that people who take a short, brisk walk five times a week have lower rates of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes than people who do not exercise at all.  To learn more about the benefits of short bouts of exercise, visit:

Researchers at Agogo Presbyterian Hospital in Agogo, Ghana, for creating a vaccine against malaria.  This is the first ever successful development of such a vaccine.  Though it is still in the testing phase and is only effective in about 50% of recipients, the vaccine could potentially save millions of lives each year.  There are about 225 million cases of malaria annually and WHO says a child in Africa dies from malaria every 30 seconds.  Read more about the development of the vaccine here:

Jeers To…

Wal-Mart, for cutting back health insurance coverage for part-time employees and raising premiums for some full-time employees.  Part-time employees working less than 24 hours per week will no longer qualify for any of Wal-Mart’s health insurance plans.  Additionally, employees working 24-33 hours a week can no longer include a spouse in the insurance coverage.  Wal-Mart cites rising costs as the reason for the cuts.  Learn more about Wal-Mart’s new policies here:

McDonald’s, whose low-fat blueberry muffin is actually higher in sodium than a hamburger.  Though the blueberry muffin is advertised as being a healthful option, it contains 1.7 grams of salt.  High levels of sodium can lead to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attack.  To read more, visit:
By Laura Jungreis