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Organically Who? Organically Hip

Cookies. What’s not to love? The browned outside with the soft inside, the warm gooey goodness when you break one apart, the smell that fills the house. Are you drooling yet?

If not, you should be. Or you’re just thinking of those processed-out-of-the box cookies that are filled with hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup.

Or you have forgotten just how good a cookie tastes because you won’t go within twenty feet of the darn things because let’s be real, who wants the freshman 15? Especially when you walk into the dining hall and they are basically calling out, “eat me, eat me.”

What if I told you there was a way to make homemade cookies in a few easy steps. And these cookies don’t include GMO’s or preservatives and are both peanut and dairy free, as well as vegan friendly.

Introducing Organically Hip Cookie Mixes. Not only do these mixes have all the benefits from above, but also are grown with local, organic flour.

What is Organically Hip you may ask? OHip (as they are commonly referred to) started off in 2008 when two friends, Maria and Angela, would sell baked goods, cookie mixes and their homemade vanilla extract at local farmers’ markets. Fast forward six months and the products jumped from farm stands to retail shelves!

Their products range from Cowgirl Cookies (dark chocolate, pecan and oats) to Telltale Brownies (dark chocolate and coconut) to Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Bars and don’t forget Saturday mornings you can whip up some Pecan Waffles and everything in between. And for those of you who don’t have to luxury of an oven, don’t worry. Maria and Angela are a step ahead of you; they have a created a microwavable brownie mix.

Let’s compare OHip’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix to Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Betty Crocker Mix contains 120 calories per 27 grams where as OHip’s Mix contains 95 calories per 25 grams. That’s 4.4 calories per gram for Betty and 3.8 calories per gram for OHip. Not to mention OHip’s fat is half that of Betty’s.

Best news of all? You don’t even have to go far to find these mixes. They are sold at Goldstein Student Center on South Campus as well as Tops on Nottingham Road. Convenience people, convenience!

Visit their website at or on Facebook or on Twitter @organicallyhip and learn all about the company. Then go buy some mixes, support local business!

By Melissa Lembo