Get in Shape Under the Sheets

Everyone loves sex… for all the wrong reasons. Most are concerned only with the temporary pleasure, but in reality the health benefits of sex extend beyond the walls of the bedroom.

“If our sex lives are good we feel better about ourselves both mentally and physically,” says psychosexual and relationship therapist Pamela Birch. “It’s as simple as that.”

Not only does great sex boost self-confidence, but it also releases the same amount of endorphins as exercise without that awful feeling of obligation that often accompanies a trip to the gym. This release of endorphins triggers feelings of euphoria, which explains our emotional attachment to sexual partners. It also plays a role in the reduction of emotional stress and physical pain, including headaches, cramps, and arthritis pain, as well as supporting the immune system, protecting against head colds and other minor infections.

Because sex is a physical activity, it can technically be considered exercise. According to Women’s Day magazine, half an hour of sex burns an average of 144 calories. This is equivalent to biking for 17 minutes, jogging for 19 minutes or using an elliptical machine for 24 minutes.

If you’re looking for a reason to skip the gym, sex is an excellent excuse.

By Tina Ferraro