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Coconut WaterPhoto: Courtesy of Vita Coco

Coconut water is one of today’s biggest health trends. Everyone from Rihanna to Heidi Klum have been spotted with the popular drink. Coconut water is celebrated for its health benefits and all-natural appeal. It has also become an alternative to sugary sports drinks.

The trend is new to America, but Latin Americans have been drinking it for centuries. A wide variety of coconut water products are available, from pure coconut water, flavored options and those containing pulp. Coconut water contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous, five electrolytes found in our bodies. The amount of potassium in coconut water (295 mg) is much higher than sports drinks (117 mg). Coconut water does not contain any preservatives, cholesterol or fats. An electrolyte imbalance can cause high blood pressure and drinking coconut water can help prevent that. Coconut water has a small amount of sugar (5mg), which is lower than many sports drinks. Interestingly, coconut water adds moisture to your skin, but from the inside. It also removes excess oil from the skin.

Two of the most popular coconut water brands are VitaCoco and Zico. An 11 ounce bottle of VitaCoco coconut water costs approximately $3 and a 14 ounce bottle of Zico is around $3. Both brands contain only natural coconut water and electrolytes. When you’re on your way to the gym, switch your Gatorade for coconut water for a new way to hydrate!


By Lindsay Barton