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The Guinea Pig: Summer Essentials! Lemonade and hot dogs

The semester is coming to an end, and soon many of us will be hitting the beach instead of hitting the books. For my last few posts, I feel obliged to prepare you for the warm weather with suggestions for a healthy, delicious break. Read on if you want some of the best food and beverages for your next barbecue or picnic!

Santa Cruz Lemonade, 32 oz.

You know it’s summer time when Santa Cruz Lemonade goes on sale. As soon as the temperature rises, it seems like every grocery store in the country starts practically giving this stuff away! When I worked at Whole Foods, you could get it for $2.50 at one point, and it stayed at that price until the leaves started turning brown.

But this isn’t your typical sale lemonade. This is the good stuff, tart and sweet, and organic to boot! Pour it over ice for a true treat, or experiment by freezing them into some truly awesome popsicles.

Applegate Uncured Hot Dogs, 16 oz. package

I can get behind a lot of meat substitutes, but hot dogs are another story. I find that tofu dogs taste synthetic and have a weird plastic-like texture. I need the real thing, a piece of mystery meat smothered in ketchup, yellow mustard and relish.

Thanks to companies like Applegate Farms, however, these all-American guilty pleasures aren’t such a mystery anymore. These dogs are made with organic beef and contain no cancer causing nitrites or nitrates, fillers or preservatives. Plus, they’re quite tasty. They might cost a little more than your average Ball Parks, but your stomach will thank you for not filling it with toxins.

Helpful grilling tip: Make sure to clean your grill thoroughly before using it. Residue on charcoal and hardwood based grills is highly carcinogenic and can stick to your food.


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  1. I love this. In Syracuse I found regular hot dogs but up in Rochester they were white. Check out my link for some cool bbq tips you can share with students. Aussie beef is very healthy. Thanks.

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