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Health & Beauty: 3 Easy Tips to Drink More Water

by Jada Wong, blogger

Now that the sun’s out, it’s T-shirt time all the time! After months of hiding your abs, guns and gams under chunky knits and sweatpants, it’s time to start hydrating your skin inside out and reveal a more beautiful you. You should be drinking eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water each day for optimal hydration, but that’s hard to keep track of when you’re a college student. So here are WTH’s top three tips on how to drink more water without making it a chore.

Infuse it: If water is too bland for your taste buds, try infusing it with fruit. Try lemon slices for a refreshing citrus taste, a handful of berries for a sweet yet tart flavor, or even cucumbers slices to put you in a spa-like mood. Just place the goodies in a pitcher of water and let it infuse in the refrigerator for about half an hour. If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, this one is functional and fashionable.

Water your juice: If you can’t stop drinking juice cold-turkey, try a water and juice combo by mixing two parts of your favorite juice with water. By splitting a serving of juice, you’ll distribute calorie and sugar intake throughout the day and sneak in a bit of water without realizing.

Fashion Statement: Depending on the size of your reusable water bottle (because you’re not using nasty plastic bottles, right?), place several hair ties, elastic bracelets, or even rubber bands around your reusable water bottle. Make sure that you have enough bands to represent eight to ten glasses of water. Every time you refill your bottle, take a band off and put it onto your wrist. By the time you get your daily intake of water, you’ll have removed all the bands off the bottle and have it on your arm.


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