Feel Great

One Reason to Keep Exercising: Better Sex!

by Gina Colonette, sexual health blogger

You work out for good health and to tone up your feminine curves, but how about improving your sex life and self-esteem? I’m sold! Exercising can improve your sexual self-esteem. It will help you feel better about you. Dust your gym bag off and then head straight to the bedroom!

Look Good, Feel Good

If you look better, you’ll feel more desirable. “It doesn’t mean you have to have good enough cardiovascular fitness to win the Boston marathon,” says Michael Young, PhD, interim Associate Dean for Research College of Health and Social Services at New Mexico State University.

One part of living a happy life includes having a satisfying sex life. You can express love and desire for your partner through having sex. Being comfortable with your body helps make your sex life more fulfilling. Sounds like a good deal.

Increasing Sexual Arousal

If you’re thinking “Sex after exercising? No way, I’m way too tired!” You may want to reconsider. After you exercise, you’ll have an increased desire to ge -it on in the bedroom.

Exercise doesn’t change moods to allow women to be more sexually aroused, but there is a physiological change that occurs causing an increase in sexual arousal. Alpha amylase (enzyme) is a marker for your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). It increases during exercise and stays elevated even after your workout is over. The SNS acts as a facilitator for female sexual arousal. With your SNS still in full affect after exercise, your genital arousal can be enhanced.

Make sure soon after you exercise you grab your partner for some sex play or have some private vibe time. Dr. Debby Herbenick, PhD, author of Because it Feels Good, says the effects of exercise on sexual arousal are greatest right after exercise. So don’t waste any time.

Let the Workout Continue

The workout doesn’t end in the gym. Bring your exercising into the bedroom, kitchen, or shower—wherever you like to have sex. Work your pelvic muscles and abs. Win, win! Click ahead to check out these positions to keep your workout in full effect.

Missionary: With the man on top position it may seem like there’s not much for you to exercise. False. Increase your core muscles by thrusting back and forth equally as hard.

Doggy Style: On all fours, your quadriceps will be getting a good workout. Work your shoulder and your upper body by putting your hands on the wall in front of you.

Standing: If you’re up for the challenge, get a core muscle and arm workout with this one. The same muscles engaged during doggy style are needed here. Use your core to keep you balanced and your arms against a wall to help with thrusting.

Cowgirl: Modify this position so you are standing on your feet. This way you engage your butt, legs and hips in a squat. If you lean forward on your arms for balance it will give you an upper body workout too.

Bridge: This one is for the stronger ladies with some back flexibility. You have to be able to hold your weight up while he’s thrusting. But your biceps, triceps, abs, glutes, quads and calves will thank you!

Don’t limit yourself to just these positions. Grab a Kama Sutra and turn some sex positions into workout positions and get to sex-ercising!