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Say “Sayonara” to Springtime Allergies

by Claire McFarland, blogger

A Few Helpful Tips To A Healthier Spring

It may feel cold in Syracuse, but spring is finally here. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining and millions of people are…sneezing. To combat seasonal allergies that can keep you sniffling all day long and prevent you from enjoying the spring weather and sunshine, follow a few simple tips that will change your experience with the springtime blues. Put the Kleenex away and pick up a few of these methods to keep your sinuses clean and clear for the rest of the season.

The Pollen That Gets You Down

Tree and grass pollens can cause springtime sniffles; as they come into bloom with the new season, you may notice yourself sneezing and getting teary-eyed more regularly. According to recent research at Mount Sinai Medical Center, grass-allergy season starts in mid-May and peaks in June. Grasses such as Bermuda grass, bluegrass and rye are some of the most volatile allergens. Identifying which spring blossoms get you down through skin or blood tests can help track which ones cause the biggest allergy ailments.

Telltale Signs

A stuffy or runny nose that shows no sign of stopping may join your chain sneezing behavior. After days on end of blowing your nose, coughing or wiping those teary eyes, you may realize it’s not just a cold. Allergies aren’t associated with a fever, which can help you identify the cause of your sinus problems. Looking at the color of the contents of your tissue can also help identify if you’re an allergy candidate. Clear fluid is a telltale sign of allergies, whereas the tinted gunk is associated with sickness. It may be gross, but it’s a great way to identify symptoms earlier on.

Sleep in, shower and sneeze less

Recent studies conducted at the Mayoclinic show that for allergy sufferers, the worst time to exercise outdoors is between 5 A.M. and 10 A.M. Counts drop off by noon and are lowest in the evening. After your run, jump out of your clothes and shower and make sure to give your hair a good cleaning. Hair follicles can be magnets for certain pollens, often gripping to your pillow at night. This can keep you sneezing all night long and ruin your regular routine. If morning is the best time for you to work up a sweat, make sure to check and hit the gym on high-risk mornings.

Bahama Mama

Choose a beach vacation! Thanks to the shore’s lack of vegetation and that purifying breeze, you might feel better at the beach. The only risk of a vacation of sun and fun? People moving there from the East have brought nonnative, allergy-aggravating plants with them. Try to take your vacation in a drier climate and avoid the south if your pollen-sensitive. The humidity further down in the states can trap pollen, causing it to stay in the air longer.

Close Your Car Windows

Ah, the beautiful fresh air of spring. Who would have thought that the breeze you crave could harbor millions of pollen types during the new season. In order to prevent an allergy-attack in the car, close the windows and sunroof and pump the AC. Make sure to keep your car clean and vacuum regularly, as pollen rests in carpets and upholstered seats. Not only will your passengers thank you, your sinuses will, too.


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