Feel Great

Happy Now? Round 4- Sun’s Out, Grounds Out!

by Lauren Teng, blogger


Sun’s out, the ground’s out, but save the guns (as in your arms, fools) for a little—
word in the omelette line this morning was that it was bound to snow some time this week.
I say some time this week, and, word in the omelette line, because at this point
the weather astounds me and I refuse to be a slave to the
devious little icon on my computer that gives me the forecast for the week.
So I ignore any weather predictions and bemoan the cold and sleet when it hits. And sure enough, the snow came.
That being said, I shouldn’t be so bitter because it was relatively
mild out…enough so that the onslaught of our snow day was now a distant memory
and the ground and- get this- green grass! was visible.
Did you have that bizarre realization that campus suddenly looked freakishly
vivid and college campus-y only to realize it was, in fact, because
the ground was bare. I found myself in childish glee staring down
at the ground picking out colors and textures that seemed for eternity to be
suffocated beneath layers of snow. Weird? Perhaps.
But doesn’t the prospect of spring make you happy, too? What about
the fact that it’s not pitch black by 4 p.m. anymore.
Here’s to the first week back, folks, the exposed ground and the hope for no more
snow.  Take a look down and see if you find anything that tickles your fancy…and no, I don’t mean
on frat row or hopping house party streets where the melted snow has rebirthed 2010’s
leftover red cups, plastic bags and beer cans.