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Is virginity the new black?

by Gina Colonette, sexual health blogger

I was having a casual conversation with my friend, Briana, about a common conversation topic—sex—when she joked, “Virgins still exist??” The joke was in reference to a friend of mine who still has her “special gift.” “Of course they do,” I said. Not only do they exist, the number of virgins is growing—according to a survey taken by the National Survey for Family Growth, the number of people remaining virgins is increasing.

If you think you are the only one not having sex, you’ve got it wrong. In a 2002 survey taken by the NSFG, 22 percent of men and women reported as not having any sexual contact with another person.

Six years later, that number has increased. In a survey taken between 2006 and 2008, 27 percent of men and 29 percent of women reported they were virgins. So, yes, Briana, virgins do still exist!

For the 2006-2008 survey, when the age range was expanded from ages 15-24 to age 15-44, the numbers differed. Eleven percent of women never had any form of sexual contact with a man in their lives. That includes no oral sex, receiving or giving. The sex scene was looking pretty good, as only 6.1 percent of women had sex in their lifetime but no partner in the last year. Meanwhile, 69% had one male partner in the last year. Kudos to the those surveyed who kept their partner-count low. These numbers are similar to those found in the 2002 study.

Let’s not forget about the men; the numbers were virtually the same. For men ages 15-44, 11 percent had no sexual contact with a woman in their lives. It’s time to get over your shock, there are male virgins well into their twenties and forties! Sixty-three percent of men had sexual contact with one partner, 8.6 percent with two partners, 10 percent with three or more partners and 6.6 percent had no sexual contact with the opposite sex in the last year. Which category do you fit into?

Whether it’s your choice to refrain from sex or lack of swag, you are not alone. If you are thinking about having sex or not, realize, Health Services offers three kinds of FREE condoms—emphasis on the free. Here’s to keeping your clothes on.