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Makeup Expires?

by Shweta Shreyarthi, blogger

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Makeup may not have an expiration date specified on its packaging, but that doesn’t mean you can keep it forever.   According to CBS News, “it’s important to get rid of cosmetics every so often to ensure that you’re getting the maximum benefits, and also to avoid things like infections.”  The chances of infection increase with the age of the product. so if your makeup is getting old, it might be time to let it go. Click ahead to find out when it’s time to toss your products! 


  • Mascara is usually only safe for about 3 months after opening.
  • Old mascara is a likely cause of infections like pink eye.
  • Old mascara can cause lepharitis, which is inflammation of eyelids.


  • Eyeliner lasts about a year.
  • Old eyeliner can cause conjunctivitis, an infection of the outer part of your eyeball.


  • Lipstick can last about a year
  • Sharing lipstick increases the risk of herpes.


  • Old foundation can cause peri-oral dermatitis, which causes red bumps on the skin.
  • Foundation lasts about 6 months, but if you use it everyday, you’ll most likely go through a bottle before then.

The given times are just approximations, and the given problems don’t always occur.  But, if you smell any weird odor, or see a color or texture change, get rid of it.  It probably means it’s no longer safe to use.  It’s a lot like food in this sense—if only makeup had to have expiration dates, too.