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Eat This, Not That: Marshall Street Edition

by Olivia Gardlin, NEPA

(Courtesy of Newhouse Communications Center)

In our newest series, the Nutrition Education and Promotion Association chapter at SU breaks down some common health questions with their expert advice.

Eating well in college can definitely be a struggle at times, but there are healthy items to order everywhere you go! The only issue many students face is knowing what to order, and mistaking high-calorie meals for low-calorie ones. In this blog post brought to you by NEPA, we explore what to eat (and what not to eat, of course) on Marshall Street.

Let’s start with Starbucks, an establishment that can make or break your on-time arrival to class when lines stretch around the store—a usual occurrence during midterm and finals week. Starbucks now offers many drinks to be ordered as “skinny”, aka the lighter version. But just how “skinny” are these drinks?

(All based off of a tall-sized drink):

Drink this! Iced skinny flavored latte (60 calories), unsweetened passion iced tea (0 calories!), caramel frappuccino light (130 calories), nonfat vanilla crème (150 calories without whipped crème)

NOT that: Peppermint white chocolate mocha with whipped crème (420 calories), hot chocolate with whipped cream (290 calories), Eggnog latte (370 calories), double chocolate chip Frappuccino (450 calories)

Roly Poly: Despite the name, has some very healthy (and delicious) options available. Here’s how to stay on point when ordering there:

(Sandwiches based on getting the half sandwich option, and soups based on the 6 oz serving)

Eat this! Ultimate veggie sandwich (180 calories), buffalo slim wrap (271 calories), Tuscan turkey (219 calories), cider house melt (243 calories), chicken noodle soup (70 calories), garden vegetable soup (60 calories)

NOT that: Nuts and honey wrap (341 calories), Thai hot tuna (338 calories), Southside club (367 calories), pesto turkey club (376 calories), Baja chicken enchilada soup (210 calories), seafood bisque (217 calories)

Bleu Monkey is a very popular sushi restaurant on Marshall Street, and healthy choices can definitely be made here—you just have to be smart when you order!

Eat this! avocado roll (140 calories per roll), cucumber roll (136 calories per roll), spicy tuna roll (290 calories per roll), and light soy sauce (550mg sodium per tablespoon)

NOT that: shrimp tempura roll (500 calories per roll), dragon roll (450 calories per roll), spicy mayo sauce (110 calories per tablespoon!), or regular soy sauce (1100mg per tablespoon!)

Enjoy some yummy, and nutritious, treats on Marshall Street!

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