Cheers and Jeers

by Laura Jungreis, blogger

Cheers to…

Niger and Nigeria, for eradicating the Guinea worm.  The Guinea worm lives in stagnant water and infects those who drink the water.  Now the worm is only found in three countries and if it can be eradicated in hose, it will become the second disease to be wiped out by mankind.  Get more details here.

Exercise, for reducing the signs of aging.  A study published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences explained how exercise reduced or even eliminated detrimental effects of aging in mice.  The mice engaged in strenuous aerobic activities, but humans can engage in less taxing activities to still receive benefits.  Read more about the study here.

Jeers to…

Sugary drinks, for potentially increasing blood pressure.  A study has shown that for each extra serving of sugar-sweetened drink had daily leads to an elevation of blood pressure.  Taking in excess sugar also can lead to sodium retention, which also increases blood pressure.  Find out more details about the study here.